Welcome to Socialdesk . . .

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are a local Pensacola company that promotes and supports the Florida Gulf Coast entrepreneurial and innovation business community through collaboration, shared workspaces, event spaces, coworking and managed business development processes.

Socialdesk includes a wide variety of workspaces to accomplish common purposes. Whether you want a desk of your own, want to share it with a coworker, want to give a presentation to a large group, or want to share a desk with someone with similar goals to yours. Whether you want to use it hourly, daily, monthly or yearly. You name it, We offer it!

We also provide several event spaces. Many businesses have used our first floor and wonderful outdoor patio for their socials and team meetings. Other groups including Leadership Pensacola, the Florida Public Relations Association (to name a few) have used our 2nd floor classroom.

Socialdesk Enterprises . . .

As Socialdesk Enterprises we demonstrate our entrepreneurial support through submitting the TriNet Middle-mile Fiber-optic project to Triumph Gulf Coast .

TriNet is a 670-mile network that spans each of the 8 Triumph counties. Our initial application is for $600,000 to accomplish detailed planning and engineering. The total estimated cost to build and light the network is estimated at between 40 to 60 million dollars. TriNet as envisioned will build into each County’s school district central office and utilize existing network capacity to reach into each school. This will enable the development of a 230+ school secure intranet to support any current or future educational technology and provide room for expansion of our university and college innovations. TriNet will also put us in great position to increase our regional cyber-security capabilities.

TriNet will offer dark fiber to both the School Districts and the County Commissions in each of the 8 Triumph counties for their desired use. This will allow each County the flexibility to capitalize on this infrastructure in numerous ways, as an expansion of their own networks or perhaps as a revenue generator.

TriNet is designed to encourage the expansion of high-speed Internet within under-served and rural areas of each county and will provide seamless integration with future networks that may be built in the Florida Northwest Rural Areas of Opportunity counties. An important benefit of this is using Telehealth to expand access and improve the quality of rural healthcare.

Leasing fiber to both existing and new Internet service providers will help the Gulf Coast lead the nation in affordable multi-gigabit Internet while also making TriNet financially sustainable. You can view an interactive Google map by clicking on the image below.

Socialdesk is proud to be a founding member of the Gulf Coast Entrepreneur Alliance and to offer the Ideas - to - Profits methodology to help innovators develop profitable businesses from their ideas!