The fourth (IV) episode of Words Matter is coming up on November 30th.

Be sure to mark your calendars! Conor always makes Words Matter!

Who are we? We are you!

We are the workplace you have always been looking for. Pensacola’s Socialdesk is not just an everyday coworking or collaboration space, we are 10,500 sq. ft. of newly renovated office space, located in mid-town Pensacola, set up to give back to the community. Just like you do!

Socialdesk includes a wide variety of workspaces to accomplish common purposes. Whether you want a desk of your own, want to share it with a coworker, want to give a presentation to a large group, or want to share a desk with someone with similar goals to yours. Whether you want to use it daily, monthly or yearly. You name it, We offer it!

Get to know your new workspace

We are offering coworking spaces, hot desks, dedicated desks and day use offices along with all the ammenities available in the best offices. 

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