Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

+ What is a coworking space?

The phrase coworking space is used to describe a business or organization where two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company. These spaces provide critical infrastructure for a new and growing workforce of people who work where, when, how, and why they want. A coworking space's relationship with its members is one that is primarily based on the values of the space, in direct and deliberate contrast to a more traditional relationship based on renting space from a landlord.

+ Is coworking just renting an office?

No. At Socialdesk we are a membership community and our location is like a club house for our members, there is not any rights of tenacy as when renting an office.

+ What is Socialdesk?

Pensacola Socialdesk is a coworking space in mid-town Pensacola focused on helping small socially-driven businesses flourish by providing a very favorable environment in which to be productive.

+ Where are you located?

We are located in mid-town Pensacola, behind Town & Country Plaza at the corner of L and Herman Streets.

+ Why call it mid-town Pensacola?

We call our area mid-town Pensacola because we are convienently located between the downtown area and uptown (around Cordova mall). Wherever you need to go you can get there from Socialdesk.

+ What should I bring to work at Socialdesk?

For coworking you should bring whatever you would normally bring to a coffee shop. We have ample electrical outlets for charging your laptop, phone and tablet. Please remember that whatever you bring you will need to take with you at the end of the day.

For dedicated desks you can bring whatever typical office supplies you need. We will provide a lockable filing cabinet for your use.


+ Can I try Socialdesk before I apply?

We ask that potential members tell us about themselves and their interests. As part of the invitation to join we will provide you a free day to experience Socialdesk before signing up for a plan.

+ Why do I need to tell you about myself?

Socialdek is a currated community that is designed to help us create a balance of small businesses, creatives and professionals with different skills, backgrounds and interests.

+ What are the membership plans?

See our Memberships page

+ What does my membership include?

All onsite plans come with the following standard benefits:

  • Prints/Copies - 120 black & white and 20 color
  • Unlimited scanning
  • Access to our MySocialdesk Slack team
  • Access to
  • Wi-Fi Gigabit Internet
  • Refreshments (Expresso, Coffee & Tea)
  • Access to relaxation/collaboration zones
  • Access to the outdoor courtyard
  • Access to the business center/workroom
  • Basketball & Ping-Pong
  • Bike Rack
  • Janitorial and cleaning service

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept ACH and credit card payments.

+ Can Socialdesk invoice my company?

Not at this time, we automatically process your monthly invoice against the credit card or bank information you have provided.

+ Does Socialdesk store or have access to my payment information?

No. We use for our payment processing. No Pensacola Socialdesk staff have access to your payment details and we do not store your payment information on any our of systems.

+ What are the terms of the dedicated desk membership agreement?

The dedicated desks are provided on a monthly plan with automatic renewal and require at least a full month notice of non-renewal.

+ Can I get my own walled office at Socialdesk?

No, to be consistent with our vision we do not offer private offices in order to encourage a collaborative environment. We do offer Day Use offices in one hour blocks for those times when you need a private office to focus.

+ Can I just drop in or do I have to be a member?

No. We do not allow non-member drop-ins.

+ May I bring guests to work with me?

We welcome guests to visit our members for short periods. Your visitor will need to register at the front desk when they arrive. We do not allow guests to work with members. If you want to work with a visitor we encourage the member to purchase a day-pass for the visitor.

In our conference rooms we always welcome guests to participate in meetings with our members.

+ Can I hang out a shingle and see clients or customers?

No. We are a membership community focused on encouraging collaboration among our members and feel seeing clients is not condusive to that environment.


+ Are conference rooms included in the membership?

Yes, most of our plans include various amounts of conference room use as part of the membership. Additional conference room use can be seperately purchaed.

+ What is included in the conference rooms?

Our Boardroom (12 person conference room) has two 60" flat screen TVs, Whiteboards, Polycom Conference phone and Video teleconferencing. Our small conference rooms have one 60" flat screen TV, whiteboard and Polycom Conference phone.

+ How do I print?

Coming soon

+ What are the phone call rules?

Socialdesk does not offer desk phones and we expect our members to use cell phones in the collaboration areas, outdoor patio or other suitable area.

+ Do you have lockers or somewhere to leave my stuff?

Yes, we have lockers that our members can use first come, first serve at no cost.

+ What about receiving mail and packages?

We offer a cluster mailbox for an additional $25.00 per month that can be used as your business address. We will receive small packages and hold for you. We can not receive large truck or freight shipments.

+ Can I store some records at Socialdesk?

Yes, for a monthly cost of $25.00 you can store a standard bankers box in our real bank vault.


+ What Internet service provider do you use?

We have proudly partnered with Cox Business.

+ How fast is the Internet speed?

We offer all members 1 gigabit (upstream and downstream) Internet bandwidth. The is fast enough to download 100 songs in 3 seconds or 1,000 photos in 16 seconds. That is what we call crazy fast! Imagine using cloud services as fast as a typical office worker accesses a local file server. Your actual bandwidth depends on the hardware you use and its configuration. We use Cisco/Meraki 802.11AC access points and a Baracuda networks integrated security system.

+ How do I access the WiFi?

Upon joining Socialdesk you will be provided the credentials to login to our Meraki wifi network. Your connection will be isolated from other members for security.

+ Can I host my website from Socialdesk?

Not at this time.


+ How secure is the location and buiding?

Our location is in a light industrial area with numerous other businesses, governmental offices and restaurants. We are a very short distance from the Escambia County Sheriff's office. We provide a well-lighted parking lot, access control on the entrance and video surveillance.

+ Can I have evening events at Socialdesk?

Yes, we make our entire first floor including our outdoor patio available for events.

+ What is parking like at Socialdesk?

We have 55 parking spots at our building and have a joint use parking agreement with Town & Country plaza offering several hundred additional parking spots immediately adjacent to our building.

+ Do you have a place to lock up my bike?

Yes, we have an outdor bike rack where you can securely lock-up your bike.

+ Is there easy access to public transportation?

Yes, we are only a short 5 minute walk from the main ECAT bus terminal.

+ Do you have a shower I can use?

Not at this time.

+ Can I bring my pet?

We all love our pets but we can not allow them inside Socialdesk unless they are a qualified service dog as defined under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as one that is trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. Under ADA, emotional support, therapy, comfort or companion animals do not quality as service animals because they have not been trained to perform a specific job or task.

+ Can I bring in my external monitor?

Yes. If you have a dedicated desk.

+ How does cleanliness work?

We expect our members to leave their areas as clean as they would like to find it on their next visit. We do not have janitorial service during the day so we ask that members clean up the conference rooms after their meetings. We do have a janitorial service that cleans the building each evening.

+ Can I bring my own food to store in the fridge?

Yes. However we will clean out the fridge each Sunday and will throw out all personal items left over.

+ What about noise? Will it be quiet enough to work?

In any collaboration space you should expect some noise not unlike an energetic office. We have intentionally located our business services area and copy machine in a soundproof room. We encourage our members to use headphones to enjoy their music and to take long phone calls to a suitable place.